The Olrac Electronic Monitoring software, combined with eEye camera technology developed by Marine Instruments Pty Ltd, provides a complete, on-board monitoring and auditing solution as an alternative to on-board observers.

The solution provides a fully integrated Electronic Monitoring & Reporting (EMR) system, which links interval images taken by eEye directly to Olrac Dynamic Data Logger data entry tool.
This allows for timely and accurate visual auditing of critical events during a fishing operation. The solution is linked to a GPS and can use any on-board transmission system to send reports.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Marine Species Recognition Solution

Satellite Communication Technologies

OLSPS Marine is currently developing and testing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning based tools in order to allow for the automatic estimation of catch size, species breakdown and even distribution of fish caught based on Electronic Monitoring provided images or videos. These technologies are still experimental but may provide, in the future, partial or even full, alternatives to on board human observers.

OLSPS Marine is also testing cutting edge satellite communication technologies that will significantly cut real-time transmission cots by an order of magnitude and may even allow for real-time transmission of Electronic Monitoring images while vessels are still at sea.



Saves costs by removing the need for on board fishery observers.


Creates a catalogue of videos, images and spatial data to support and validate data collection and reporting requirements.


Provides improved transparency of vessel activities and traceability of catches for complying with regulatory and certification requirements.

HOW MUCH DOES FISHERIES ELECTRONIC MONITORING SOFTWARE COST?Price of Fisheries Electronic Monitoring Software and Marine Species Recognition Solution depends on the level of customisation and the elements included.